The 3DStudio Max plugin is the main entry point for artists to work on art assets and export them into the working copy, thus integrating them into the game database. The plugin itself is a combination of a nebula2-based module, and a set of MaxScript files that present the artists with an interface for defining Zombie-specific materials, spatial structures (cells and portals), and other such constructs, that will be converted into Zombie assets at export time.

3DS Plugin features:

    * Class and asset exporter
          o   Export to temporary working copy for preview
    * Geometry exporter
          o   Level-of-detail
    * Material exporter
          o   Texture conversion
          o   Texture animators
    * Animation exporter
          o   Skeletons
          o   Animations
          o   Plugs
    * Collision exporter
    * Visibility exporter
          o   Cells
          o   Portals
          o   Occluders